This is the official blog for, the fastest and easiest way to create positive changes.

This site contains information on how to create positive changes in your life, while is an interactive web application which helps you create positive changes in the fastest, easiest, most enjoyable way ever.

So both sites are closely related to one another, but are useful in different ways.

And I’m David Fonvielle, the creator of Always Greater.

David Fonvielle

David Fonvielle (picture taken in 2010)

David Fonvielle (picture taken in 2010)

Some Background Information

  • I was born in New York
  • I was raised in Costa Rica and Brazil
  • I moved to Texas for middle school and high school
  • I graduated magna cum laude from Duke University with a B.A. in Public Policy
  • I have an M.A. in Philosophy from University College London with a distinction in Philosophy of Science
  • I learned Ruby (and Ruby on Rails) so that I could develop Always Greater and help people create positive changes in their lives faster and easier
  • You can read about why I created and developed Always Greater in The Story Behind ALWAYS GREATER.

Contact Information

You can reach me at dave AT alwaysgreater DOT com